Marta Moda - The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Makeup Look

  • Tytuł: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Makeup Look
  • Od: Into The Gloss
  • Ocena/rating: 4.982063
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  • Czas trwania: w 05:15 sekundach.
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  • makeupbydoreen - Tutorial on how to recreate the VS models luminescent, glowy, & bronze Makeup and Voluminous Hair is on my channel! Enjoy Angels xoxo
  • micapetey - That eyeshadow color is gorgeous.
  • Molly Lyon - What products were used? Especially the eye colour. Stunning. 
  • 101muser - Fab! A list of products used (which can be purchased and not made up specially) would be really useful :)
  • Sylvie Marques - Amazing Masterclass with Dick Page :D
  • macosophy - I'm gonna have to watch this more than once. Brilliant!
  • Into The Gloss - Array
  • highfashionx0 - this is great!! thank you so much for this!
  • ani - he is an artist!! 
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